Documentary – Cacti Blue: The Name on the Wall

curt-headshotMark Brodie’s documentary Cacti Blue, is the story of Lt. Curtis Chase from Hingham, MA. The film examines the influences, motivations, actions and resulting aftermath that were emblematic of the experience for thousands of the soldiers that served in Vietnam and their families back home.

On May 6th 1967, a small coastal New England town, lost a son, brother, friend, teammate and neighbor to the war in Vietnam. This community, like thousands across the country, has memorialized sacrifice. But this loss, like so many others, is still felt by many to this day.

The war in Vietnam was one of the catalysts that changed how Americans perceive their government and the concept of social contract. A considerable number of young men in the mid 1960’s sought a way to avoid Vietnam. Others heard the call to duty and with honorable intent, served their country despite the danger to themselves and the unpopularity of the war.

By 1967, given the shift in the national emotional climate, many would ask why a thoughful, athletic, well-educated, middle class kid, with a young wife and a seemingly limitless potential, would volunteer to lead an infantry platoon in Vietnam. Perhaps the question should have been, what does it say about a man’s character when he puts everything on the line for his beliefs.

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